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It was a toasty-warm Arizona day in June when my husband and I took a trip up to the little old mining town of Jerome. After wandering through the various art and antique shops along the narrow winding streets, we suddenly became aware of the sumptuous aroma of chocolate wafting through the warm summer air.  Following the scent, we wound up in a small shop devoted to making fudge. The main source of the aroma was coming from a hug vat of warm chocolate being stirred by a young teenage boy.


The boy was gazing down into the large copper vat, with a very bored look on his face. Round and round he stirred the thick dark simmering chocolate without ever looking up at any of the customers.


After sampling tidbits of the shop’s luscious offerings and purchasing a piece of their pecan dark chocolate fudge, I couldn’t help but be drawn back to the boy.


“I think you have the best job in town,” I said to him. The boy looked up as if awakened from a deep sleep. I continued.  You stir chocolate.  People come into this shop because of that wonderful aroma you are creating.  Once entering through the doorway and sampling “a little chunk of heaven,” it’s a sure thing they will purchase some fudge to take home.  In a way, you are like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Yes, as I think about it, you truly have the most important job in town… stirring chocolate and bringing smiles to the faces of all who enter this shop.”


“As you grow older and perhaps wonder about your life’s purpose, always remember this job of making fudge and take some time for yourself to smell the chocolate.”


The boy’s affect clearly changed. His eyes brightened, his stance was upright, and he was grinning from ear to ear.


Yes, as I think about it, we all have times in our lives when we feel bored, unappreciated, and invisible. Perhaps remembering this little story could remind us all to “stir chocolate” as a way to reconnect to a deeper purpose and self appreciation. So dear friends, go get yourselves a big chuck of rich, yummy chocolate, melt it down, and stir it – all the while smelling the sumptuous aroma.  Make fudge, and enjoy the deliciousness of life!


By Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D. ©2008 All Rights Reserved

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